The most simple way to hack a company.    

Luxembourg on November 04, 2016 | MIA-COM
keywords : hacking, security, cyber security, security cameras, video surveillance.

As a hacker or as a security manager you always ask what is most simple way to hack a company, maybe your own company. The threat as often come from inside.

Employees make your company vulnerable.

As a security responsible you consider your company and IT system locked from inside. That is a big mistake. Even with video surveillance you cannot see everything. In actual fact the best and most simple way to hack a company is to let an virus infected memory stick on the car park ground. You can be sure of 2 things:
- First, one of your staff will take the memory stick (or steal it) and put it in his/her pocket
- Second, he/she will plug it in the company desktop computer

No need to explain the damages this can trigger.
But the good part is that now you are aware of !