4 good reasons to start Krav Maga self defense now.

Luxembourg on October 22, 2016 | MIA-COM
keywords : krav maga, self defense, close combat, insecurity, street fight, law enforcement.

What is Krav Maga ? What for ? Am I concerned ? We will see that facing a growing insecurity feeling in the population, this self defense martial art deserves attention.

A growing insecurity for people.

Saying that insecurity feeling in the population has never been so high for a long time is a no brainer. Between terrorism, aggressions and acts of incivility, a lot of people would like to know self defense techniques even if they will never use them, but only to know them just in case, to make them feel more comfortable. Street fight has no rules, but if you want to face it, you have to know some.

Some effective self defense techniques and more.

Since its inception for the need of the israeli army, this sport has spread internationally to army and security forces world, and to every person who is involved into security of goods or people. Krav Maga takes over many self defense techniques from other martial arts and makes its own too.

A martial art, not a combat sport.

Martial art is different from a combat sport in the fact that martial art respect the physical integrity of the opponent, you are not supposed to make injuries but only to be able to escape in order to avoid any confrontation, or if possible to block your offender waiting for the law enforcement. Like the other martial arts, in Krav Maga you get colors belt according to your level, a very good point when it comes to motivate children year after year.

Centers flourish in every cities, more women attending.

With its international expansion, federations got created and teaching abilites increased all around the world, and became professionnal. Teachers / instructors are certifed, guaranteeing quality and the respect of standards.
Recently more women are attending the courses, more and more are interested in self defense, and that’s probably just the beginning.

A Krav Maga center close to your place ?
When do you start then !