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President Trump’s Tweet Diplomacy Decrypted.

President-elect Donald Trump was criticized during his presidential campaign because of so called tweeting too much and being too impulsive on social networks, mainly Twitter. At some point even his aide took control of his twitter account in order to prevent him to make a mistake ... [MORE]

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Submit a post - Guest post.

New service, we accept guest posts. You want to submit an original post about one of this blog's thema ? Whether your are a professional or simply passionate with a practical vision of our favorites subjects, don't hesistate to ... [MORE]


Security, cyber security and defense don't know crises on Wall Street.

Here are the reasons why we have to invest in defense, security and cyber security stocks. Businesses in security, cyber security, and defense sectors don’t know crises. Their stocks get a positive trend too. With threats that seem disappear since 2008, western countries digesting the 2008 financial crisis and had to lower their budgets have ... [MORE]

camion blindé

Why there is no armour trucks attacked anymore.

As far as we know the last cash-in-transit attack in Europe was in year 2013, and since then, not anymore, at least publicly admitted. Since the Middle Age, authorities always looked for securing traffic routes for people and goods. But why is there no attacks any more ? ... [MORE]

nous soutenons la police

3 reasons why in France one does not like the Police.

Imagine a world without a police force. Imagine that tomorrow the media announce that the police is not able to intervene even only for one hour. How long do you think we will have to wait for before the store windows to explode, shops to be looted and people assaulted? There is no doubt that a world without police would bring us back to a state of insecurity such as ... [MORE]

i love kravmaga

4 good reasons to start Krav Maga now.

What is Krav Maga ? What for ? Am I concerned ? We will see that facing a growing insecurity feeling in the population, this self defense martial art deserves attention. Saying that insecurity feeling in the population has never so high for a long time is a no brainer. Between terrorism, aggressions and acts of incivility, a lot of people would like to know self defense techniques even if ... [MORE]


How to keep your privacy private ? Cryptography vs. Steganography.

When we think about privacy, we think about the way to keep our informations private. It doesn’t mean we are doing in life some reprehensible, illegal or even bad things, it just means that we want nobody to access our informations. Historically people looked for keeping their informations secret, and communicating them hidden from the world. It is true when it comes to military and defense matters, and nowadays when ... [MORE]


Want to make someone betray his company or country ? Think MISE !

Intelligence Services (IS) are continuously looking for the good information. In order to find this good information, they have many options. Nowadays the Internet takes an important part, as the electronic exchanges and social networks take a big part of our lives. But it is not the only option to ... [MORE]

Are the iMessages you deleted really out ? Here's what to do.

MacOS El Capitan operating system and the brand new macOS Sierra are well known for their high security and privacy standard level. At least that's what Apple repeats night and day and want its customer or the person concerned by security matters knows it as a no brainer. But is it true ? ... [MORE]