How security becomes a priority in property management    

New-York on January 12, 2017 | MIA-COM
keywords : property management, security, video surveillance cameras, vault doors.

According to the annual survey recently published in January 2017 by Gérance Immobilière Luxembourg, a locally well-known property management company on its market, the security need becomes now the number one priority for 82% of the owners (living inside the building or landlords), just before the common area assessments control. This is the opposit ranking compared with last year, and moreover this security need makes a stunning 20% jump year-on-year. The recent terror attacks that happened in western countries and hit public opinions very hard can give an explaination to this result.
Facing this security need, property management has to respond to owners concerns proposing solutions, adding security advice solutions to its traditional missions.

High security equipment demand.

Security advice is nowadays far from the traditional water leak or natural gas sensors, that are now very common everywhere. If we read the survey in detail, it appears a strong demand increase in buldings vault doors, residential buildings getting more close to commercial properties standards. Motion sensored solutions in order to switch on lights outside the buildings are frequently asked too. These motion sensored are generally associated with video surveillance cameras linked in real time to security companies with a monthly or annual subscription. The same solutions are asked for the common areas of the buildings, the property management company has to be sure of what recorded data will become and that there will be no violation of privacy, these confidential data have to be stored and analyzed by accredited companies only. And finally, it is not rare that the owners/landlords ask for video surveillance cameras in the private areas like basement or even apartment units. The property management company doesn't take into account the private units but has to remind owners that installing video cameras on basement or apartment doors, even if they are generally considered as private units, is generally forbidden by co-ownership rules.


This survey points out that property management tasks are evolving in order to take into account the new security needs of owners for themselves or for their tenants, adding security advice to the traditional property management functions.