President Trump’s Tweet Diplomacy Decrypted    

New-York on December 19, 2016 | MIA-COM
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President-elect Donald Trump was criticized during his presidential campaign because of so called tweeting too much and being too impulsive on social networks, mainly Twitter. At some point even his aide took control of his twitter account in order to prevent him to make a mistake that could cost him the White House.
But now, the Twitter account is back to his owner.
With more or less 5 tweets a day, President-elect Trump shows to American people and to the world that there is someone behind the wheel, the journey already started, full speed.

At the National level.

About good news : Softbank investing billions in the US.

Creating jobs for american people is one of President Trump motto. The Japanese Softbank will invest 50 billions dollars and create thousands of jobs in the U.S. as a result of negociations that took place in the Trump tower. And as soon as he gets a big result everybody knows. Forget calling journalists to a press conference in the White House, no time for that.

About bad news : The F-35 program.

The brand new air defense flagship program is out of control and the airplane is too expensive. As the F-35 maker Lockheed Martin (LMT) is listed on stock exchange, the LMT stocks take immediately a big hit and President Trump sends a clear signal to the whole defense industry that security is important, but not at all costs. The same message was sent to Boeing Co a few days before when Donald Trump said that the next Air Force One is too expensive. Now it is clear for the whole industry.
And what can do Lockheed Martin or Boeing Co in response without exposing themselves to another angry tweet making them losing millions (if not billions) in market capitalization ? Nothing else but cooperate of course.

At the International level.

The naval drone case.

When China gets a U.S. naval drone in international waters (not in China waters) and keeps it (officially to know whether or not it is only a non military one). As soon as President Trump tweets about it China authorities respond that they will give the drone back.
How many times in the last 8 years China responded immediately to a US President statement? Let me guess … Never!
China is currently building military bases in international waters, threatening its neighbours and nobody says anything against it (specially during the last 8 years), that is probably why they do so. So far today.


Defense industry, it’s done. China, it’s done. What’s next on President Trump's to-do list? NATO allies defense cost.
Donald Trump is a negotiator. How high the bill is, it is always too high, he is paying always too much. And one very common way to negotiate is to ask big if you want to get something (if you ask small you will get nothing at the end). Doing so and even if he is not yet in the White House, he has already numerous successes.

What will it be after January 20th? Something tell us that it is just the beginning.