Want to make someone betray his company or country?
Think MISE! (espionage)

Luxembourg on October 4, 2016 | MIA-COM
keywords : intelligence services, betray, secrecy, money, ideology, ego.

Intelligence Services (IS) are continuously looking for the good information. In order to find this good information, they have many options. Nowadays the Internet takes an important part, as the electronic exchanges and social networks take a big part of our lives. But it is not the only option to do so. Historically they insist on human intelligence. And of course it is still the case.
The idea is to find out the person who can access the desired information, and to make this person communicate this information (in defiance of all the confidentiality rules, professional secrecy, loyalty to his own employer or country). We will concentrate here on the way to get this information communicated.
Human being having its own weaknesses, IS or rival firm know exactely how to hit where it hurts. The psychological work that allows to betray can be long, but is very often a success.
We will distinguish 4 human weaknesses, 4 good reasons that make people betray: money, ideology, sex and ego, in short MISE


Who will say that money doesn’t matter ? Not a lot of people.
Of course money is important. But for some people money is the first goal in life and they are ready to sell any piece of information they have or can access to. In the best case scenario they contact directly the SR and try to find an agreement. In the other cases SR identify the right person (money-sensitive) and make the right offer. With such a person we know how to get his loyalty : it goes to the highest bidder. But we know too what will happen the day money stop flooding or the day you are not the highest bidder anymore.


deology is a powerful weapon. Communism, socialism, sionism, pacifism or any else ideology can make a not well in the world he is living in person see a better world with better values. The famous espionage stories in the benefit of a foreigner entity are often made in the name of ideology and values.
Unfortunately the one who betrays his own country even in the name of ideology has few chances to be respected by the foreign country because he is not reliable, in particular if things goes bad and betrayal is discovered.


We all have in mind those 1970’s and 1980’s spy films with this image of a western businessman at a very chic hotel bar in Moscow, sipping whiskey looking at his glass, lonely, in a hostile environment. Of course after the second glass he get approached by a charming girl who can speak his language without any accent. The man feels suddenly less lonely, and with the 2 whiskey glasses help, starts charming the girl and the two end up in his room. In order to impress his new “friend”, the businessman answers the direct or less direct questions, sometimes even gives important informations spontaneously without any question at all.
A large majority of people think that is only a film but in actual fact this is a very common technique, and no need to be in a business trip far from home to get approached (or pushed to approach) a girl that will get crucial informations. Train trip is a perfect example of this kind of situations : proximity of people, enclosed space, long time trip. Have a look at those men with a laptop who after crossing girl’s eyes take their cellphone and start a confidential conversation, more or less consciously in order to impress her.


But the profile that IS are looking for can be quite different. Find out a person with ego problems, alone in life, isolated, not recognised in his family or company. Just start a conversation and you will be surprised to see how talkative he can be as soon as someone pay attention to him. Even if he cannot access important informations, he can find someone in the organisation who can access to. And with a small psychological support, he will feel better and important to someone, it’s good to have a friend, finally, that will push himself to show how important he his giving informations.


- First : women are a very dangerous weapon when it comes to create a diversion or get crucial information from men.
- Second : MISE acronym shows you how to make someone betray his company or country. But be careful, you can be in the victim side, you can be the one IS are looking for in order to get informations.
So how can I protect myself ?
Always ask yourself “who am i talking to ?”, “what did make me talk to this person ?”, “why is this person talking to me ?”, “What does this person really want from me ?”. It is mandatory to always be on alert, yes you can find this close to be a kind of paranoïd but it is the price to pay to keep your informations private.