Why there is no armour trucks attacked anymore.

Luxembourg on October 28, 2016 | MIA-COM
keywords : cash in transit, conveyor, armor truck, security of goods, law enforcement.

As far as we know the last cash-in-transit attack in Europe was in year 2013, and since then, not anymore, at least publicly admitted.
Since the Middle Age, authorities always looked for securing traffic routes for people and goods. At that time the only way to carry safely goods was in locking in them in a safe.
But this modern new version of stagecoach robberies happened until very recently.

The “Golden Age” of armour trucks attacks.

From year 1970 to year 2000 attacks are numerous. In the beginning with guns, then with automatic riffles, the armour trucks are blocked in the traffic. Facing more and more effective armour, attackers finally fired rockets to achieve their goal with the human drama we can imagine because of the weapons power that killed the conveyors, or whether it is not the weapons it is the courage of the conveyors that make them put their life at risk in order to protect their cargo.

Less cash money today that’s true, is that the explanation ?

There is less and less cash money in the economy nowadays, that’s a no brainer, credit cards and electronic payments gain market shares day after day.
But thinking that there is less armour truck attacks for this reason is a bit fast. If the attack will was the same as before, they should concentrate on less armour trucks, the number of attacks by truck is supposed to increase dramatically then, and that’s not the case.
Less cash money and less armour trucks are not the explanation.

A more precise legislation, better processes.

The French Central Bank transfers are escorted by gendarmes. Cash-in-transit is taken very seriously by the authorities.
Legislation nowadays imposes en precise frame of rules to respect, not everybody can act as a cash-in-transit professional, some rule even require the company name on each side of the truck (which is not a big help when it comes to discretion).
The increasing number of unmarked cars, conveyors in those cars don’t necessary wear an uniform, often changing timetable and itineraries.
Alerts are given more rapidly as communication systems are more efficient, law enforcement can act faster. Conveyors are better trained with technologies, more risk-sensitive, often knowing martial arts or self defense techniques.

In actual fact better techniques and better processes make stagecoach robberies too risky for potential attackers, who will focus on less protected source of cash money.